The Significance of Christian History and Practices for Any Seminarian

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The Study of Christian history and Christian practices, from my perspective, is imperative in the journey of any seminarian. Every major event of today has its roots in the history of our society and the history of the world. In the same way, Christian practices have their roots in the both the history and the historical practices of the Christian church. Our readings the Context Matters portal course and specifically the practices of the Christian church, are important for this same reason If we are to understand the “why” of why we do things we must look at how they have been done before and how they have been practiced in the past.
The practices of the church or the practice of “doing” church have changed many times over the
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These thoughts and practices are the result of much study and deliberation it is true, but they are also the result of all the practices and history that have come before them. If we look at the First Century Christian Church and the ministry of Jesus Christ of Nazareth we the origination, the starting point of all Christian practices.
It is very much necessary and important to read and understand the starting point for Christian practices but it is equally important to understand where and how Christian practices have developed since the time of Jesus Christ and the apostle Paul. Some may question my placement of Paul in that last statement but it was with a purpose. It was Paul and a very few others who took the original teaching of Jesus to the world outside of Judea, it is because of this that I believe Paul very much deserves to be noted in the beginnings of any discussion about Christian practices.
In order to understand why we “do” church the way we do today and how the current practices of the Christian church evolved it is necessary to understand where those practices come from and why and how they developed. We can read the bible and get a fairly clear picture of where our Christian practices began but without the history of the church and without the history of the practices of the church, our picture is incomplete. This is why it is so utterly important to study, read and understand the history of the church and the history of the practices of the
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