The Significance of Kalo in Traditional and Modern Hawaiian Society

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Kawena Elkington

Speech Outline

Title: Kalo and Its Significance

General Purpose: To inform.

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the significance of kalo in traditional Hawaiian society and modern society of Hawaii.

Thesis Statement: Significance of kalo can be found in traditional Hawaiian society as well as the society of Hawaii today.

1. Introduction a. Attention Getter: There is an olelo noeau, or Hawaiian proverb that is as follows: He kuaana ke kalo I ka aina o Hawaii, which means kalo, or taro is the older brother of Hawaii. We take care of kalo, and kalo takes care of us. b. Relate to Audience: As residents of this beautiful aina, or land, kalo is a prevalent figure of our daily
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Back in the day kalo was significant for social and religious purposes, and remains important today because of its nutritional value and use in food. b. Waiwai loa ke kalo i ka poʻe Hawaiʻi. He meaʻai ke kalo, a o ke kalo ke kuaʻana o na kanaka Hawaiʻi.

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Informative Speech – Audience Analysis The audience consists of students from a broad demographic. Of those who filled out the survey, the average age is 26, half are of Hawaiian descent, and 70% is from Hawaii. Those who are from Hawaii had a higher interest in learning about the topic. However, only two surveys out of the 10 claimed to have a lot of knowledge when it comes to kalo, while all the others were neutral or have little knowledge. The overall attitude of the surveys was positive. 60% of the surveys wanted to know about why kalo is significant, or why it’s

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