The Significance of Van Mahotsav for Biodiversity

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The significance of Van Mahotsav for bio-diversity
People of India have many festivals related to trees. One such festival is Van Mahotsav or the Forest Festival. Van Mahotsav was started in 1950 by K. M. Munshi, the then Union Minister for Agriculture and Food to create enthusiasm among masses for forest conservation and planting trees.

Van Mahotsav, a week long festival of tree planting is organised every year in the month of July, across India when millions of trees are planted. As the monsoon progresses across the Gangetic plains, Van Mahotsav is celebrated in some parts in early July, in others, in August, and still further west, even in September.

The main purpose for planting the trees during Van Mahotsav was to:

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State governments, city administrations, villages and panchayat bodies, schools, colleges and academic institutions, scouts and guides, defence units, resident welfare associations, Joint Forest Management Committees all join in this movement. Every year free saplings are distributed all over the country by various units of the Forest departments, farmers and state governments.

Various competitions on slogan writing and poster making are also organized. Approximately 50 percent saplings die due to grazing, intense heat, pollution and neglect. Yet, Van Mahotsav is a step towards protecting the green cover and our environment.

"Van Mahotsava - towards a greener India."

Let's pledge to leave a legacy of a green earth to our future generations. Let's save trees. Celebrate "Van Mahotsava" with us.

Van Mahotsava is celebrated throughout the country in the first week (1st to 7th) of July every year. Every year lakhs of saplings of different tree species are planted with active involvement of government agencies like the Forest department. The first ever national awakening to the necessity of planting trees and attempts at tree rehabilitation on a national scale, came in July 1947, with a successful tree plantation drive in Delhi. This was the first tree plantation festival of India in which national leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, Dr. Rajendra Prasad and

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