The Signification Cultural Themes Of The Chinese-American Museum

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The Chinese-American Museum Museums provide a way for people to look closer to something that we usually see in television or books. It is an institution that tells the story of man the world and how humanity has survived in its environment over the years ( One of the museums that has the signification cultural importance is the Chinese-American Museum where located in downtown Los Angeles as a part of the El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historic Monument. The building was built by Philippe Garnier, a French settler and prominent businessman, in 1890 named Garnier building. In 1930s, this building became the Chinese American Museum ( addition, the Chinese-American Museum is closed to the original Chinatown, and people can learn from its design as a historic building which contains many Chinese cultural flavors. The Museum has three floors, and each floor has a different theme. For example. the theme of first floor is called the “Journeys”, second floor is called the “Origins”, and the third floor is called the “Roots”. The Chinese-American Museum served as an education role for people especially for the Chinese American. The design of the museum is based on the Chinese transition. The color choice that the museum uses is the color red. In Chinese culture, red represents good luck, so the exterior and interior of the museum are using

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