The Signs Of Aging And Aging

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When a person thinks of aging, they can think of many things, from a baby getting taller, to an older person growing gray hair. A person’s body changes constantly throughout the span of their life. There is no helping it. While most people think of a person getting older as a person getting wrinkles, losing hair, and becoming more fragile, there are actually many other affects than just those. There are visible effects, and effects that are not visible by just looking at someone. In this paper, both types of effects will be discussed.
The Signs of Aging
There are many different signs of aging. When a person is an infant, they show aging as the grow and develop. They show it through their brain development and through learning things. After the early year of adults however, aging becomes a little more different. Aging is no longer so flashy, it is more minimal and less noticeable. Throughout the middle adult years of a person’s life, some outside changes include things such as differences in the skin. For example, wrinkles and age spots can occur. Age spots are caused by the chemical melanin, which darkens a person’s skin when they tan. When a person grows older, melanin can begin to clump together with causes dark spots on the skin, or age spots. Wrinkles are caused by the skin losing some elasticity and the epidermis becoming less firmly attached to the dermis. Gravity also causes skin to sag which can cause wrinkles too. Other visible aging signs include changes in a
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