The Signs and Symptoms of Bipolar Disease

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Introduction Bipolar disease is a very odd disorder affecting many people. This paper will describe what bipolar disease is, the signs and symptoms of this disease, and who it affects. It will also inform you of the causes of bipolar disease and how to diagnose and treat it. Description Bipolar disease, previously called manic-depressive illness, is a disorder in the brain characterized by extreme variations in mood, energy, and activity levels. Patients with bipolar disease find it strenuous completing everyday tasks, which can result to damaged relationships, destitute job or school performances, and even suicide. As this disease can be treated, it will never be completely alleviated. If managed though, people with bipolar disease can still lead rewarding lives. Signs and Symptoms Common signs of bipolar disorder involve intense emotional states that occur in distinct periods referred to as “mood swings.” There are two different states of mood swings that give off different symptoms. The first is the mania or manic state where people experience an overly joyful, overexcited, and outgoing mood. The second is called the depressive state in which people feel extremely troubled, hopeless, and lonely. Behavioral changes experienced in each state vary much too. In the manic state, people talk very rapidly, switch their ideas or thought processes from one to the next, are easily distracted, cannot sleep, act foolishly and engage in gratifying, high-risk behaviors. While in

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