The Silence Inside The Court Room

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The echoes of the gavel infer silence inside the court room. This sound usually means the Judge has made the ending verdict and the outcome is life without the possibility for parole. The courtroom is engaged with diverse emotional state and on the part of the court and the family of the victim; there is justice while anguish on the part of the aberrant. In consequence, criminal court is where justice occurs as criminals are detailed ruling while victims reach cessation. This has been a rudimentary awareness on the role of criminal justice system; its process is becoming more multifaceted.
Criminal courts are where the offenders who made defilements on the applied public laws are tried before a jury or judge and receive sentence. They could have committed crimes or misbehaviors. These crimes are often accessible to the public such as armed robbery, murder, and extremist acts. Such felonies are to be given a sentence of a year or more than it in the prison with consistent consequences. Nonetheless, in some crimes such as murder, the criminal is provided with either capital punishment or incarceration. Crimes instigated by misconduct are measured as crimes verdicts; (The Superior Court of California County of Riverside, 2012). Misconducts are recognized as minor crimes that comprise a violation charge unlike with crimes. The charges for misconducts do not include offense charges when they are initially made. The incarceration period proposed for the offenders is not more than…
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