The Silence Of The Night

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The silence of the night was broken by a scream. She passed out of exhaustion but she was successful, she had pushed the baby out of her and now it was the newborn child’s turn to disturb the peace. Halfway around the world there was another scream but it wasn’t followed by good news. A man had been murdered and his mother fainted on seeing his corpse. *** Felton wasn’t really interested in Halloween. And in a town like Salem where crimes were rare, the uniform was as good a costume as any. His partner and ME were already there so he went to them for enlightenment, “Cause of death?” Detective Barry replied, “Bitten by a vampire I suppose.” With an incredulous look on his face he turned towards Barry but then the ME who was examining the body called him. There were two jagged holes at the side of the victim’s neck which in fact did look like a bite mark. “So I guess we can say for sure it was murder.”
“Unless he bit himself, I mean he is dressed as a vampire.” Barry’s comment didn’t have a favourable reaction on Felton’s face, glaring at him with painful intensity. Joe laughed to release the tension and spoke up for the first time, “Sorry to disappoint you Barry, but your Vampire theory won’t work. It wasn’t a bite but two incursions applied by something sharp and reasonably small. I think the first jab was enough to kill him as it was straight at the jugular vein. It’s also deeper than the other one which I believe was added to keep in theme.”
Barry walked around and…

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