Essay on The Silences in Mansfield Park

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The silences in Mansfield Park reveal the nature of each character. Fanny’s silences reveal her inner self, the core of morals. They reveal that while Fanny looks like a timid, frail being but inside she possess a set of principle that are unyielding to any outside force. Through her silence, Fanny becomes the selfless conscience of Mansfield Park. Fanny is strong-willed in her steady continual silence. She is sole unmoving thing in a fluid, ever moving time.
Fanny grew up in a large, ever-growing household, where quiet was so hard to come by. In the Price household, Fanny was the opposite of her family. She was timid and shy; they were rambunctious. Fanny as already started to form her own demur. When Fanny arrives at Mansfield Park,
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Without their conscience, they do things against the principles of the age. After a period of solitude, the other walking trio finds her. This trio is talking about what changes need to occur at Sotherton; they talk about movement. Fanny stays quiet in the conversation until after Mr. Rushworth has gone to fetch a key to unlock the gate, leaving Henry and Maria as a pair. Henry starts to tempt Maria into doing something against what her principle should allow her to do. “Fanny, feeling all this to be wrong, could not help making an effort to prevent it. (93)” Fanny begins to act as Maria’s conscience, but Maria won’t allow Fanny to be her conscience. She jumps and follows Henry away from her principles like her brother followed Henry’s sister.
Fanny continually remains in the background for the duration of the play. Fanny listens to each person’s opinion on what play they should perform, a comedy or a tragedy. Fanny does not add anything to the group because she knows it to be inappropriate that a play should be performed without Sir Thomas’s consent. Edmund speaks as a part of the conscience of Mansfield Park, saying what Fanny thinks. Even after a play is decided upon, Fanny remains silent in background like a conscience weighing on a person’s mind. After the theater troupe starts to practice the play, Fanny helps with the sewing for the play, helping but not participating in the inappropriate act. She helps because
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