The Silent Killer Short Story

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The Silent Killer
Reginald and Timothy
Let me recount to all of you the tale of Reginald. Reginald was a corporate lawyer based in New York and lived there with his wife and four children. Reginald’s life was rich and full of joy and happiness. Years went by and Reginald retired with his family and moved to the great state of Utah. Months later Reginald’s wife died of cancer and his children all moved away to start their futures at college. At that point in time, Reginald found himself completely alone, depressed, and unable to leave his house without assistance. But why is he depressed? Some would argue that he lived a successful life and he has no reason to be depressed. While this is true some of the time what most people don’t see what is really going on. Reginald often finds himself stilling alone day after day with no one visiting him and being unable to leave. Reginald is suffering from social isolation however this does not just affect the elderly or those who don’t have family around.
Let’s take a look at Reginald’s child Timothy. Timothy moved away to college just a few months after his mother died. He knows a few people and he does is go to class, comes home, and does his homework. Timothy does this day after day and sits at home every day. Timothy tries to get out of the house but he feels that he doesn’t have any friends but more like acquaintances. Timothy, much like his father, is suffering from social isolationism and it is a silent epidemic. People find
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