The Silent Partners And The Social Responsibility Model Of Milton Friedman Essay

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Novel Ideas’ silent partners have numerous concerns with public officials calling off layoffs including the hindrance of economic performance, an increase in insolvency, and an inability to maximize company profits.. We realize that the principal motive is to maximize profits. As investors in our company, we understand why the silent partners tend to agree with the social responsibility model of Milton Friedman. The silent partners, like Mr. Friedman, feel as if we need to utilize our resources and engage in activities that diminish the economic volatility our company is facing (Crawford, 9/20). A primary concern is to do whatever it takes to maintain the company’s solvency, while adhering and staying within any legal boundaries. Another concern the silent partners may have is the social responsiveness strategy that the officials from the local chamber of commerce and local economic development group want us to utilize. The local organizations want us to avoid layoffs, so the community can maintain economic stability. However, we know that the silent partners are concerned that if we do not fire one of the full-time employees, we will not be maximizing our profits, and again increasing the economic volatility of our business. As the silent partners have mentioned, firing one of the full-time employees would not be of concern as we would save money, increase profits, and still maintain a satisfactory level of customer service. However, many would categorize our strategy as
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