The Silk Road And The Silk Road

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As the people of ancient times begin to trade from long distances within their respective countries many country leaders begin to wonder whether it was possible to create a road that connected the Mediterranean countries to the Chinese countries by way of Mesopotamia and Central Asian. Basically with all these countries trading with and long distances these trading routes begin to link from the Mediterranean to Central Asia and part of East Asia best becoming known as the Silk Road which in those times was used by many countries starting with the Parthians a ruling Dynasty from Iran.
Furthermore while the Silk Road progress many countries begin to trade fruits medicines metals artwork products and many other things with each other. By 200 BCE many Persian products were in China and many Asian products were in Persia so naturally many countries were able to acquire things that they had never seen before from another country so people were able to have those rare that were so rare before the invention of the Silk Road. Also the invention brought better communication between those countries in which they didn't really have before the Silk Road because of the long distances and difficulties between the countries that wanted to communicate with each other.
Mainly the Silk Road could not have really function without the nomads in central Asia because the nomads were able to provide animals Animal handlers and protection what made the pastoral nomads so important was that they

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