The Silk Road And The Silk Road

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On with our Journey, this time we are going to start in South and Southeast Asia. There was one road also known as a route that ran from China to India and the name of that road was the Silk Road. Along the Silk Road is where lots of networking and trades took place. The Silk Road established during the Han Dynasty of China, which linked the regions of the ancient world in commerce. Looking at the name Silk Road, we get the idea of what was mainly up for trade along the road.

Silk being the main trade between China and the west, it was highly sought after by Egypt, Greece, and especially Rome. Trades did not only take travel by land, they also shipped by sea through the Persian Gulf, Red Sea Mediterranean, and Indian Ocean. As stated before the Silk Road stretched from China through India, Asia Minor, on up throughout Mesopotamia, to Egypt, African continent, Greece, Rome, and Britain. This is why the Silk Road was so popular because everyone used it for importing/exporting.

Besides silk there were other goods being traded along the Silk Road. Everyone was playing a part in imports and exports. Rome imported ivory, indigo, and pepper from India and silk from China. Romans were said to have paid cash for those items, but also used silver, wine, perfume, etc. to export. One major Kingdom along the Silk Road was the Kushan Kingdom. That kingdom spread far around the Silk Road and along a few routes on the road. The exchange of culture I must say was the greatest value of

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