The Silk Road During The Han Dynasty Of China

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Many thousands of years ago, upon the earliest creations of civilization, there were two thriving civilizations. Both of which knew little to nothing about each other’s existence. In this ancient world, there was no connection of the two civilizations, no trade in commerce or culture. It was not until the second century BC that Europe and Eastern Asia interacted in a significant way. What is known as “The Silk Road” was established during the Han Dynasty of China, it was a network of trade routes that created a link between these two regions during this ancient world ( Though these routes have history prior to the Han Dynasty, this is when many historians see the routes in full practice. This time during the second century BC was crucial in the connection of these separately thriving civilizations, connecting them through commerce, religion, and exploration. Though the routes of the Silk Road thrived in the second century, it is said that this thirst for trade is to have begun in 53 BC, during a battle between the Romans and the Parthian army. During this battle the Parthian’s unleashed large banners of a translucent material, material that the Roman army had never seen anything like before (video). Due to this confusion, the Romans fled from an otherwise definite victory over the Parthians causing 20,000 men to die on the battlefield. This confusion though, turned into curiosity and fascination, causing silk to become highly desired in ancient Rome. Parthian…

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