The Silk Road In Han China And The Roman Republic

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Throughout the lifetime of civilizations in the Ancient World, methods of creating a stable economy were prevalent. Such method would be the integration of trade routes between societies and a strong social class. In Han China and in the Roman Republic, the silk road was a staple in the economy of their societies. Both of these societies established routes along the silk road to increase the wealth and prosperity of their civilizations. However, though both of these countries utilized the trade of silk and other goods along the silk road, they also had differences. Han dynasty China and the Roman Republic had both utilized the silk road to trade their goods to gain prosperity and they relied on agriculture to receive some of their goods, but differences were present in the goods that they exchanged, such as China mainly trading silk and rice and Rome trading maining grapes, wine, and pottery. The civilizations of Han dynasty China and the Roman republic both had a similarity in that they utilized the silk road as a major trading route. The silk road was utilized by both of these civilizations to receive needed resources, and exchange others. During the Han dynasty under the rule of Emperor Wu in 138 B.C, their society was often under attack by the nomadic Xiongnu people. Due to this, he sent his emissary Zhang Qian to request aid from distant cultures and there he found the “Dayuan, the Great Ionians”. These people were descendants of Alexander the Great’s army. After this
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