The Silk Robe's Journey In Chang An, China

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This silk robe, carefully woven and dyed with the colors of rushing water, began its journey in Chang’an, China. A Han craftsman dutifully wove the cloth and sold it to a rich merchant traveling for Kashgar. The journey was a long and arduous one, full of biting Gobi nights and rickety roads. Luckily for this merchant, his Buddhist beliefs and hope of achieving nirvana kept him going. Upon reaching Kashgar, a prosperous oasis city along the Silk Road, this merchant sold the beautiful silk robe to another merchant from Kush for an exquisite Indian sapphire. The Indian merchant, after making his offerings to Vishnu for protection, left along with the silk robe to Merv in Perisa. Here, the Parthians ruled. Once again, merchants bartered over the silk robe; even a Zoroaster priest vied for the regal garment. However, the Indian finally traded the robe along with other jewels to a wealthy Parthian dealer for plush Persian rugs and perfumes.…show more content…
He traveled across Mesopotamia, at times taking the Persian Royal Road. After weeks of traveling, the merchant arrived in the Roman controlled Antioch. Exhausted, he traded his wares at the market for some exotic food, such as grapes and olives. The Chinese silk robe then passed into the hands of a Roman governor in the region, who decided that this lovely azure robe would make the perfect appeasement gift for the emperor. He paid three gold denarii for the robe and sent it to Rome. Thus, the silk robe traveled all the way from Chang’an to
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