The Silmarillion

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The book read had the title of The Silmarillion by J. R. R. Tolkien. The Lord of The Rings, a widely read trilogy of books adapted for the screen in a trilogy of popular movies, takes place in the Land of Middle Earth. Some fans of the series do not realize that Middle Earth was no abstract concept in the mind of its creator, J. R. R. Tolkien. On the contrary, he developed an intricate language, mythology, and history for his country. After his death, his son Christopher helped gather and publish some of these works for the enjoyment of people around the world. A detailed history of Middle Earth became available four years after the death of Tolkien, called The Silmarillion. John Ronald Reuel Tolkien came into the world on January 3, 1892 in Cape Town, South Africa. His father, Arthur Tolkien, worked at The Bank Of Africa, but died tragically when he was only four years old. Mabel Tolkien, having already returned to England for the sake of her child’s health, raised her children on the small investments her husband had left her and the occasional generosity of relatives. He attended King Edward’s School for the majority of his youth, and from an early age showed a proficiency for languages. Upon Ronald’s mothers’ death just before his thirteenth birthday, he and his brother Hilary were taken in by Father Francis Morgan of…show more content…
The names of the Valar, Ainur choosing to live on the earth, become listed. The Maiar, lower spirits, get explanations. But the last chapter talks of Melkor, who covets Arda, and flees to build his stronghold there. He creates and twists many characters to his bidding, in order to control this new world by himself. Balrogs emerge, dragons come forth, and other agents of darkness that cause so much grief later on appear as the work of a greedy and prideful Valar. Worse yet, a twisted Maia comes forth, Melkor’s second-in-command: Sauron (Tolkien
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