The Silver Metal Lover Essay

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The Silver Metal Lover

The story is set in the future when robots are developed. These robots
are not only used for labour purposes, but also used for
entertainment. A special series of robots are designed to entertain
people. They are the Golders, who are the dancers, the Coppers, who
are the actors and the Silvers who are the musicians. When Jane first
saw one of the Silvers, she was enamored with the robot's perfection.
She sold all her belongings in order to own him. To Jane, he is no
longer a robot but a real human and a wonderful lover. Jane and her
silver metal lover spent several wonderful months together, until the
threats neared. The company that developed these robots - Electronic
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the end, Silver developed a soul and returned Jane's love, thereby
indicating that Silver is now truly alive. He is a real human as he
now has a soul. This is similar to the time when Galatea comes to
life, as she was then a real human.

One significant difference between the myth and the novel is that
Pygmalion in the novel is a girl instead of the novel, while Galatea
is a male robot. Also, the male dominant idea in the myth disappeared.
Instead, the author mainly concentrates on creating equal status
between Jane and the robot. However, both texts valued love and
romance above all things. While other values such as family
relationships are less important. Language appearance is also an
important idea in the novel. Silver's appearance, is far above all
man. For example as Jane's friend Egyptia said: "Beauty, acrobatics,
tenderness, humor, prowess. It's ruined me for a man for weeks." Jane
fell in love with him because of his beauty and perfection. Therefore,
appearance plays a key role in the novel as well as the Pygmalion


The story is told in first person. This helps the reader to gain a
better understanding of the inner feeling of the persona. This is very
effective in terms of a love story. From the use of first person,
Jane's love for Silver…

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