The Similarities And Differences Between The Greeks And Romans Essay

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Thomas Jefferson once stated that “every citizen should be a soldier. This was the case with the Greeks and Romans…” and Jefferson was correct, considering that both ancient civilizations were very much entwined with their military. The Ancient Greeks and Romans were and are still considered some of the most renowned and well-known early European civilizations, who brought to light many new advancements ranging from politics to philosophy to warfare. Considering the status of both civilizations, the military was a very important aspect of Greek and Roman lives. The Greeks would begin by creating new militarized tactics and formations, technological advancements in regards to weaponry, and partaking in different strategical ideas. The Romans would also partake in these as well, piggybacking off of the Greek ideas and molding them into their own and improving upon them. First off, one will see that the Greeks considered warfare as a “necessary evil of the human condition” , but despite their views, in order for the polies to survive, there was a need for an active militia, thus forming the hoplites. The main strategy of the hoplite was a phalanx, “a heavily armed infantry standing shoulder to shoulder in files several ranks deep.” As long as the hoplites remained in a tight phalanx, the formation was a nearly impenetrable force. The phalanx relied on fighting as a unit considering that “the weight of the entire phalanx was literally behind the front line.”
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