The Similarities And Differences Between The Republican Parties And The Democratic Party

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American political parties are always changing and very divisive on various subjects, making it difficult to choose which side one agrees with more when it comes time to vote. Voters need to make informed decisions regarding which party they most agree with when it comes to issues which they consider the most important. This is a significant step which voters can take before analyzing each specific candidate. Many minor political parties exist, but there are only two major political parties to choose from during elections. The Republican Party and the Democratic Party are very potent and influential parties, both of which differ when it comes to philosophy, stances, and consistency.
The current Republican and Democratic Parties often differ when it comes to philosophy. The Democratic and Republican Parties often take a liberal and conservative approach, respectively. However, they are both decentralized, so there are multitudes of differing opinions within each party. Examples of the general modern philosophy of the Democratic Party include a strong federal government, support of social services, and protection of civil rights (“Democratic Party”). Examples of the general modern philosophy of the Republican Party include less
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Voters need to keep in mind that political parties are always changing, and individual candidates can further complicate matters. Deciding which political party mostly lines up with one’s values is up to each person to determine. Voters should prioritize which current philosophy and stances are most important to them and resemble their own beliefs. Ultimately, performing extensive research and determining which political party voters agree with most is a precursor to making a well-informed decision regarding which candidate will receive their
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