The Similarities And Differences Between Written And Verbal Communication And Discipline Language

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Writing structure on text structure refers to the way in which the ideas and information are organized to fashion a coherent argument. This aids writers by allowing them to correctly express their ideas and present opinions and different viewpoints on topics (Dickson & Simmons & kameenui, 1995). The method I took in writing this essay was the compare and contrast method where I discussed the similarities and differences between written and verbal communication and discipline knowledge. The advantage of this technique gave me the ability to identify the pros and cons of each side of the argument and illustrate the concrete facts which are then used to persuade the reader into taking one side of the argument.

However, in order for this method to work it is beneficial to utilize a variety of different sentence beginnings. This would entail starting sentences with prepositional phrases, transitions or adverbial phrases as well as including them in the middle or at the end of sentences, by doing this it allows the sentence to flow smoothly and contributes to the cohesiveness of ideas (Rogers, 2014). My script made good use of this by using transitions word such as “Furthermore.” Although one adjustment that can be made that will improve my writing is not to use the word “it” to start a sentence for example: “It also equips individuals with the expertise…” instead I can add the word consequently to start the sentence as it is a good transitional word that will promote the
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