The Similarities And Differences Of Muslim And Christian Beliefs About Their Religion

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Most people think Muslims and Christians believe in the same God. Even though they are different religions, there are some similarities. Most religions believe in a god, prayer, fasting, and believe in a messenger or prophet. Along with similarities, there are many differences, which separate each religion from others. Christians believe in a triune God, while Muslims believe in Allah as their god. The word ¨Allah¨ means God in Arabic and in Arabic Christians use the word ¨Allah¨ for God. However, when Muslims use the word, ¨Allah¨”they are referring to the god of the Muslim faith. Therefore, these two religions divide because of an inner faith or perspective about their religion.
Muslims and Christians both believe that there is a god. Both believe that there is a higher power. These religions also believe that someone had to create the universe. Many times it can be easy to believe that the gods are the same.
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According to the book called, ¨Destiny Disrupted,¨ the way for a Muslim to get into heaven is stated,
¨Every devoted Muslim hopes to get into heaven by following a certain way, but instead of focusing on isolated individuals salvation, Muslims present a plan for building a righteous community. Individuals earn their place in heaven by participating as members of that community and engaging in the Muslim social project.¨ (Destiny 24)
However, the hope for Christians and the path to get into heaven is different from the Muslims faith. Christians believe that the only way to heaven is to have an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ; having inner individual salvation not community based.
Finally, both Muslims and Christians may have similarities by what they practice in their own religion but the ¨God¨ they are worshiping is different. Christians follow a triune God while Muslims follow Allah. These religions divide because of an inner belief valuable to their own
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