The Similarities Between Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, And Civil Rights

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Throughout America’s history people have fought for more rights and freedoms. Civil rights and civil liberties have been at the center of these arguments. Whether the argument was to have more rights or have our freedoms enforced people have been using civil rights and civil liberties as their rationale. American history has been defined by the many rights and freedoms the people have been granted. Civil liberties are defined as rights given to individuals that cannot be taken away because they are protected within the constitution. Some of these rights include the freedom of speech and religion. Civil liberties are rights that are guaranteed to American citizens and no one in the government is able to take these away. Civil liberties are essential to Americans because they protect against unfair treatment from the government and provide Americans with the security their freedoms will remain intact. Whereas, civil rights is defined as rights that should be given towards political and social freedom. This helps protect people of different races, genders, or sexual orientation against harm or unlawful treatment. Civil rights are important because they give people, who are mocked or not given fair circumstances, more rights that allow them to be equal citizens. There are many similarities to civil liberties and civil rights, but there are also many differences. Civil rights and civil liberties are similar because they both help protect the rights of Americans. Civil rights
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