The Similarities Between Humans and Fish

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Human and fish are not closely related on the outside. Most people would not see how we can share same features with fishes, but scientists do know that these two species share homologous features. These features imply that human and fish are related in the lineage of chordate because human shared homologous features with fish. Homologous features shared by human and fish lighten up the evolutionary pathway from the earliest vertebrate by sharing similar structures of the hands and fins. The development of teeth that diversified into features that showed up from the skin, and down to the instruction that made us who we are. The similar bone structures and genetic made up are just modification that we have and they are modification of what…show more content…
In this same section, Shubin included Charles Darwin’s statement that makes it easier to understand. Humans have the same layout as other vertebrate creatures because we all came from a common descent (Shubin p. 32). Finally, the ancient fish, the Eusthenpteron, which we shared this limbs structure with was discovered in Devonian rocks around 380 million years old. It had the exact limbs structure as Owen described, however for this fish, the bones of the limbs were inside a fin (Shubin, p.33). This ancient fish unlocked the mystery that we are derived from a common ancestor that enable us to hold tools to do our everyday life tasks. Humans spent thousands of dollars going to the dentists so we can keep using our teeth healthy and be able to chew on food that we eat every day. Teeth are earliest development and the lead to many other features. They were first seen in eel like vertebrate, the Conodonts that had armor teeth like structure that were made from the interaction of two skin layers. Also found in the ancient fish called Ostracoderms (Shubin, p.77). Its head were composed of tiny bone shield that were made from the teeth like structures. Teeth were developed to process food. The development of teeth was composed of two layers of the tissue in the skin. The protein in the outer layer of the skin produce enamel and the inner layer produces the dentine and the pulp inside the tooth (Shubin, p.78). The process of two
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