The Similarities Between Rats And Mice

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Though, very similar in appearance, mice are very different from rats. Mice are equivalent to sparrows in size, generally 12 to 20 cm long. They have a thin tail and a triangular muzzle with long whiskers. Mice weigh between 12 and 30 gms in general and are found in different species such as house mice, spiny mice, deer mice, and dormice. You can see mice in brown, grey or white color. With thin, hairy tails, mice can be found all over the world.
Most of the times, mice tend to live not more than one year. However, under special circumstances such as in detention, they can survive for as long as six years.
Rat is a medium-sized to large rodent that has a long, thin tail. Usually, many different rodent species are referred to as rats, be it cotton rats, or black rats, or wood rats, or kangaroo rats, or pack rats. In fact, a lot of other rat species are generally called rats only, even though they may have no relation to one another.
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They may be brown, black, or white in color. As compared to mice, rats may turn out to be far longer – up to 40 cm. Also, they are heavier in weight than their mice counterparts.
A huge similarity in the appearances of rat and mouse creates a lot of bafflement in the existence of the two. In fact, their nature is quite similar as well, which fuels this perplexity among people. It is actually tough to distinguish between the two types of rodents that probably share the same ancestor. However, rats and mice generally differ in terms of size and genus. Read on to learn

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