The Similarities Between Societies

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Professor Frank Coffman Research Paper Dec. 13, 2011 English 103 The Similarities Between Societies Ray Bradbury is one of those rare individuals whose writing has changed the way people think, by a mere spark he has entranced the reader, just after a few short pages and you are hooked. He has more than five hundred published works that exemplify the American imagination at its most creative – from technological advances to futuristic societies. Also his timeless, constant appeal to audiences young and old has proven him to be one of the truly classic authors of today. Ray Bradbury incorporates themes such as knowledge versus ignorance in which occur throughout much of his most prevalent works hinting to the reader the similarities…show more content…
Although there is a positive side to these advancements, our knowledge base has expanded; thanks to the Internet information has been made more easily available. Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine is the story of people 's lives and what it means to actually live. Douglas Spaulding takes on a great challenge, which he faces over the course of the summer and that is coming to terms with life. First Douglas becomes conscious of the fact that he is alive. With his new found awareness Douglas celebrates all life that surrounds him. However, much of the rest of the book involves Douglas coming to terms with what inevitably follows understanding that he is alive—understanding that he must die. Understanding life and all of its meanings revolves around the concept of change, which also dominates Dandelion Wine. Douglas at some points feels that everything is changing over the course of the summer—his best friend leaves, people in the town die, his grandmother dies. But Douglas has no way of making sense of all of the changes because he only became aware of his life at the beginning of the summer. He sees all change as bad because it leads away from the way things were. However, this is not necessarily the case, and part of Mr. Jonas 's gift to Douglas is the knowledge of constancy in the world. The seasons come and go in a cycle, and summer does not last forever. Tom
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