The Similarities Between Socrates And Moore

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There has always been a person or persons at some point in history who has disagreed with the norms of his or her society and who advocates for social and/or political change. These individuals are referred to as agitators. While these agitators come from all sorts of time periods and locations in the world some of them have a lot in common. Even from as late as 399 BC to 2002, from as far as Athens Greece to the United States there are Agitators that had similar motivations and ways of achieving them. An example would be philosopher Socrates and filmmaker Michael Moore. Despite some small differences in approach, these two have many significant similarities as Agitators. The most obvious similarity between Socrates and Moore is that they are agitators, but it’s more than them just advocating social and political change, it 's the methods in which they did so that were so similar. Both of them seemed to address issues or put forth information that generated a lot of discomfort from the people around them as well as slanderous criticism. For example, Moore has a part in his film where he lists a number of instances in which the American government has given funding or support to corrupt leaders in other countries and how their actions have lead to deadly repercussions that involve high levels of violence (Moore). This among many of the other topics he discussed in the documentary caused a lot of discomfort which lead to harsh criticisms such as an article entitled Bowling…
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