Essay on The Similarities of Native Lands in The Searchers and Avatar

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Throughout the world humans have invaded other lands where native people live to try to gain more land of their own. It has happened many times in history. One major occurrence of this is when the first European settlers came to live in North America. They ran into the Native Americans and eventually drove them out of their homelands. There are two movies that are also good examples of this. Even though these movies are completely different and filmed in different time periods, they have many similarities and show many concepts of how certain natives are invaded, not treated well, or even killed. These two movies are called The Searchers and Avatar. The first settlers arrived in New England in 1620. They wanted to live in peace with the…show more content…
Eventually he does get her home. Ethan Edwards is so obsessed with saving his niece from the Comanche’s because he does not like Indians and thinks they are savages and probably does not want his niece to be around them. He becomes very angry when he finds her because she did not want to come home and said she wanted to stay with her people. This is obviously why he became angry because he hates Indians and does not want his niece to be one. The similarities between Ethan and Scar are that they are both feared by certain people. They are also both wanderers of the land. Also in one scene you can tell they are similar because it is pointed out. Ethan says "You speak pretty good English for a Comanche, someone teach you?" to Scar. Then later Scar says "You speak good Comanche for a white man, someone teach you?" This definitely shows that they are similar in some way because Scar mocks Ethan. This movie definitely shows how the people that came in and took the Native Americans land treated them badly by calling the savages and acting like they are uncivilized. This is seen because throughout the movie you can tell that many of the people did not like the Indians. The movie Avatar is about how the human race invades a planet called Pandora to mine a certain kind of resource and fights with the Na’vi, the race of creatures that live on Pandora. The main character Jake Sulley decides to take his brothers
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