The Simple Solution to Homeless People in America

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Ten years ago, nobody would have expected that America would be this far in the slumps. Rather than feeling lucky to have a playground to play on at a great school, children are now lucky to have just one of their two parents working for minimum wage. With the average unemployment rate hovering above seven percent over the last eight years, America’s youth are growing up in a world where dreams no longer come true and are taught to aspire to be a waiter or grocery store clerk for life. Such low aspirations and consequent expectations are not what the founders of America sought for this country. On the contrary, the United States was built and founded on nearly unreachable dreams and aspirations. What happened to the American dream? Fathers would go to work at 8:00 AM while mothers got her kiddos off to school, dressed to play, carrying a sack lunch. The day would pass, and fathers would return home by 5:00 PM for supper and family time. No longer is this standard. Today, children are sent off to school with little or even no lunch because their family cannot afford enough food with one minimum wage job. Parents are home when school ends not because they are fortunate enough to have the luxury of leaving work early, but because they are forced to work the graveyard shift, or they had no job to report to in the first place. These circumstances are becoming all too common, and should…

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