The Simpsons: Effect and Common Sense

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The show has been a part of American culture for more than 20 years, with vast number of audiences around the world. The Simpsons provides insights into American culture and the human condition. It is a show we can watch for entertainment purposes, or to ponder philosophical dilemmas. The show offers many perspectives on a variety of issues from politics, religion, sexuality, gender, and culture. This show has characters that represent a diversity of views, experiences, and backgrounds. This gives the writers and producers a lot of leeway as to what they say and what kind of topics the show tackles. The paper will examine several themes of human society and the ways in which certain characters represent and/or shatter various stereotypes about Americans or other groups those characters represent.

Keywords: The Simpsons, philosophy, religion, politics, gender, culture, nationalism, race, ethnicity, stereotypes

The Simpsons: Effect & Common Sense The subject of gender is a major issue in the narratives of The Simpsons. The show has a great deal to say about the subject from a variety of perspectives and traditions. There are many female characters such as Marge Simpson, Maude Flanders, and Mrs. Lovejoy who occupy traditional, western gender roles for women. These are women who occupy traditional gender roles and enjoy them. Marge takes great pride in being a mother, a…

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