The Simpsons, Family Guy, Aladdin, And All The Scary Movie Movies

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There are many movies, books, and TV shows that make fun of evil. The Simpsons, Family Guy, Aladdin, and all the Scary Movie movies. There are numerous ways in which each makes fun of evil. Scary Movie alone uses numerous ways to mock evil, and turns all these scary, evil things into something to laugh about. Aladdin has people who are supposed to be evil, and come up with all these ideas to destroy good, but it always turns around on the evil people and works out for good. The Simpsons has an episode where Homer sells his soul for a doughnut, and another episode where Homer kills Death. These TV shows and movies have something in common though, and that is the way they belittle evil. Most will have good triumph over evil which, models Augustinian theodicy. Why do many TV shows and movies ridicule evil? It could be any number of reasons. Perhaps people didn’t want to fear it anymore, and thus, belittled it and took away its power over people. Maybe it is for any other number of reasons. However, no matter the reason, these numerous TV shows and movies afore-mentioned, mock evil.
In Aladdin, there is a parrot named Iago. Iago is voiced by Gilbert Gottfried and appeared in the first film as the sidekick to the main antagonist Jafar, and later becomes one of the protagonists for the rest of the franchise 's run. He even leaves Jafar, and goes on to try to cause chaos on his own while singing “I’m Looking out for Me.” First, the fact one of the main antagonists is a small

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