The Sin As A Crime And Sickness

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Christian theologians have tried to figure out the best way to interpret why people sin and how they should repent ever since the bible was written. Some theologians explain sin as a sickness, in which people are driven to do wrong by an unknown internal urge. Theologians also use the sin as a crime method to explain sin as defilement against God and Humanity (Taylor 54-57). In addition to the sin as a sickness or crime theories, some religious scholars say each theory should be used but both are never used in the same church (Taylor, 57-59). Although I agree that churches should include both sin as a crime and sickness, I don’t think both methods for explaining sin are used equally in churches. In fact, I think the sin as a crime theory is used more often than sin as a sickness. Accordingly, sin as a sickness ought to be emphasized as much as sin as a crime is, because the sinner will know they are not completely at fault. As a result of knowing the degree of their fault, the sinner will learn their true responsibility for their actions.
Sin As a Crime and a Sickness
Sin as a crime can be illustrated in various ways but always maintains specific themes: sin is viewed as an offense against God and Humankind, people attend church to face punishment for their wrong doings, and the cause for people’s sins is known. First of all, the popular theologian St. Augustine portrays sin a crime through a story from his childhood, in which his friends and him steal fruit for the sole
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