The Singer Solution And World Poverty

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America is known for being a country with freedom, which gives the American people time to reflect on themselves. Americans attempt to abide by the constitution and its amendments, thus giving a responsibility to keep the country safe. Having the constitution and amendments in play helps Americans to be willing to work hard and not feel like there is a control source of government beating down on every little thing that we do wrong. Americans are “working hard to get [their] fill everybody wants a thrill”, so that their future selves have an established life with a good steady career. The American government has a responsibility to protect the people, as parents have a responsibility to protect their children. People have responsibilities, but don’t always share those responsibilities towards other individuals. In Peter Singer’s article, “The Singer Solution to World Poverty” he explains situations that may benefit poverty but in doing so explains a person’s morals and willingness of a person to do so. America a capitalist country that Americans work to making a living for themselves and for some their children. Working is a big factor in America that Singer uses “Dora a retired schoolteacher” (Singer 400) as an example of a situation. Though Dora knows nothing is free in the society we live in but she still finds a way to “[make] ends meet by sitting at the station writing letters for illiterate people” (Singer 400). In this society it becomes hard to find work and make…
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