The Singer Solution To World Poverty Summary

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In “The Singer Solution to World Poverty,” by Peter Singer, Singer uses analogies and propaganda to defend his solution for world poverty. In the article, Singer parallels a story of a man choosing to save a car over saving a child with modern Americans choosing luxuries over donating money to save underprivileged children. He provides resources of organizations to help these children, and he continuously describes the problems with both materialism in American society and children who are dying preventable deaths. Singer’s solution is that individuals should simply give away any money that is not absolutely essential for basic necessities. Initially, I found Singer’s writing to be absurd and unrealistic. However, these emotions led me to reflect on myself and humanity in general. I was surprisingly led to the conclusion that Singer is correct in the sheer foundation of his argument. Ultimately the main reason why I originally felt offended by Singer’s writing is that he blames and inflicts guilt on us as readers. I do not necessarily agree with Singer’s approach, nor do I think guilt is necessary to his argument. This article must be relevant to me in at least some of its notions if Singer’s words can influence my emotions. If this were not the case, the article could simply be brushed off and forgotten much like an informative essay could. The main reason that Singer’s writing is offensive to readers is because it forces us to consciously realize that people are
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