The Single Party State : A Revolutionary Worst Nightmare

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The Single-Party State: A Revolutionary’s Worst Nightmare History has shown mankind that war often makes or breaks a nation, and in the instance of North Korea, one could question which of these it did. World War II and the Korean War in the mid-twentieth century led to the formation of North Korea, as well as to the demise of Korea as a whole. A once peaceful state, the Northern portion of the Korean peninsula has become a suffocated land of dictatorship. The wars left Korea in tatters, and in doing so left an opening for the formation of and domination by the Korean Workers’ Party (KWP). No nation is perfect, so there were inevitably revolutionaries who were displeased with the state of Korea prior to these events and had many small revolutions to gain rights or bring about change. However, since the formation of the KWP revolutionaries have had no effect at all, imprisoned or murdered for even the slightest offense against the government. The revolutionaries are a courageous political group in North Korea. The single-party state in the nation has impacted the revolutionaries in a negative way, suppressing and mistreating them to an unimaginable degree. Revolutionaries in North Korea have spanned a broad range of social classes, with varying levels of success in their revolts. As the upper class tend to be more satisfied with their current lives, revolutionaries most often hail from the lower classes. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica entry “Korea,” 12th and 13th
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