The Sinking Of The Vasa

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The Sinking of the Vasa Regent University Derrick Williams 2/16/2015 This project is a review of the Sinking of the Vasa and the results that corresponded regarding the ship’s sinking. The research conducted will explain more information about the design, the construction, and ultimate demise of the Vasa. We will analyze the events that caused the initial tragedy and identify the lessons that can be learned regarding the management of technology innovation that can be applied to modern-day corporations. The sinking of the Vasa was a very important monument in our history that occurred on August 10th, 1628. This tragedy caused the sinking of a large vessel that claimed the lives of 30 Swedish souls. What was the cause of the ship sinking? Who was to truly blame for this tragic event? Were there organizational issues regarding management? These are some of the questions that will be answered to help create a better understanding of what took place and depict a better picture of the turn of events. With every tragedy there is a lesson that can be learned from it to prevent it from happening again and also to provide better insight when moving forward. Europe 's most ambitious warship to date was this 220-foot, triple-deck, 64-gun leviathan (Laursen 2012). It took two years for the boat builders to design and create this ship. This ship was elaborately adorned and had been rush-ordered for King Gustav Adolf 's war against Poland. The customer was the King and
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