The Sinusoidal Nature Of Generations

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The Sinusoidal Nature of Generations
Emily Bronte’s melodramatic sensational novel, Wuthering Heights, is a heart-rending love story illustrated by a spectator narration. The story consumes the life of two romantic “soul mates” predestined to never ultimately be together and the impact of their lives on those who surround them. Each novel follows an undefined different story of a sole family. Gabriel Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude explores comparable themes as those in Bronte’s novel unraveling the story of the Buendia family and the tragic occurrences to each. The tragedy of the family affects the village where they originated from, inflicting pain similar to the characters of Wuthering Heights. Although the novels diverge in both time periods and cultural backgrounds, both illustrate the generational impact and inevitable repetition within society through the exploration of love, societal values, and happenings.

Wuthering Heights establishes the replicating cycle of the second and third generation of the Earnshaw and Linton family line. Throughout each individual generation, names are reclaimed as well as characteristics within the personages are recycled. Cathy Linton is entitled after her beloved deceased mother Catherine Earnshaw Linton. Under the observation of her father, Edgar Linton, and later of Heathcliff, Cathy displays various behaviors and qualities that her mother possessed. A prime trait mutual by both is a frenzied temper especially displayed
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