The Sioux Tribe For Mineral Resources

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Chapter7. This chapter’’Wasichus in the Hill’’ protrudes signs of envisioned trouble the people of Soux tribe would encounter. It is also one of the longest chapters of the entire book that unveils the subversion of the Sioux tribe for mineral resources (Gold) by the opposed extremists. Superficially, Black Elk had thought he was set to manifest his vision from the grandfathers of the cloud, when he attained the age of eleven, in the summer 1874. The black elk’s band had camped on sphitton creek in the black hill. Eventually, a night after sunset, thunder storm neighed from the west as if it was going to rain; usually, swallow hovered around the sky and most kid camped in the black hill were stoning on the arboreal, which Black elk describes the horrible outcome in a more precise manner. Black elk says when he wanted to stone at one of the thunder swallows, he felt queered and his hand hurts, then he remembered one of his visions from the grandfather, when the second grandfather gave him an eagle wing and opined ‘’this is the eagle of the sky; you must be like a relative to the birds.’’ A day after, Black elk had realized that his people in the black hill were making a sweat tepee, where the most sacred medicine, chip would purify himself before he relays his message from the spiritual fathers/beings. Black elk had gone out with his fellow kids again, just to hunt for squirrels; despite his past tragic experience at the birds hunt; Bravely, Black elk took his past
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