The Sisters Brothers Notes : Trouble With The Horses

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The Sisters Brothers Notes One: Trouble with the Horses • Story starts off in Oregon City 1851 • Charlie’ new horse was name Nimble, Eli’s horse’s name was Tub • Tub was not suited for Eli because he was better suited for a less ambitious owner since he could not travel more than 50 miles • Eli has plans on selling Tub, and then splitting halves on a new horse with Charlie • Charlie said to put off the idea until they finish their next job, Eli thinks Tub will make them struggle • Eli did not like Tub, Charlie likes Nimble • With the way Charlie is acting, Eli believes that there is bad news →Charlie is taking charge of their next job, which means more money for Charlie, and less for Eli • Eli and Charlie need to kill a prospector named…show more content…
Watts put a leech in his mouth • It was just cotton that was in his mouth • A bear comes out of the forest and moves to wards Tub, Eli sees this from his window • The bear kills Tub, Eli is outraged and he kills the bear 2 shots to the face and 2 in the chest • After this killing its clear Eli doesn’t like killing, but Charlie does • Eli travel to a chemist to get medicine for Charlie • When Eli goes, he starts thinking about his love life and how he only stays with women one night at a time o → Symbolizes the theory that in all of our unconscious minds, we only think about sex • Eli brings Charlie morphine, and Charlie drinks it • Eli goes into the lobby, and talks to the woman who made a bath for Charlie • she asks about their mother - Eli tells the woman that their mom won 't have anything to do with them until they get a career • →Oedipus complex: The brothers are trying to seek approval from their mother who does not support their life style • There is a duel in town and Eli goes to it. A woman watching gets shot in the leg, and one of the men in the duel dies • Eli returns and packs so they can leave, and as they leave Eli tips the woman $5-back then $5 was A LOT of money,

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