The Sistine Chapel and the Creation of Adam

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The Sistine Chapel and the Creation of Adam Michelangelo(1475-1564)

The sistine Chapel and mainly the Creation of Adam fresco are treasures to the world of art, Michelangelo the creator brought his discipline of sculpting into painting the frescoes and the human silhouette. The story of the Sistine Chapel starts with the building itself, built in 1473 under the supervision of Giovannino de Dolci. It is located in Vatican, Which is almost like the capital for catholicism. Vatican being the home the pope and college of cardinals. The chapel being famous in todays day in age for being the conclave of the cardinals, where the new pope is voted on and elected. The main attraction to the Chapel today is the ceiling painted
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His first love being sculpting had to be put to the side for the project of the Sistine Chapel. He reluctantly agreed to Paint the ceiling. This persuasion was a plot to discredit Michelangelo by artistic community of Rome.”By 1508 the artistic community of Rome …felt so threatened by Michelangelo's mercurial rise to fame that they devised a plot intended to discredit and degrade the young artist.”(eyewitnesstohistory) .They were very wrong in their plan to destroy the young artist “They were convinced that the young sculptor, who had never attempted a fresco before, would inevitably fail”(eyewitnesstohistory).

“Wet fresco is the most enduring medium for wall painting”(Martin and Jacobus,2008) The Frescos that Michelangelo chose to do are very highly influenced by sculpting and the human body. The nine scenes in the ceiling’s middle are all from bible stories. The scenes all depict stories from the book of genesis, starting with the scene of god separating light from dark and ending with scenes from the story of Noah. Foremost a sculptor Michelangelo uses his hands to almost carve the human figure out of paint and lines. These distinct painting style of the renaissance with a jubilation and celebration of the bodies painted, gives a proud sense of work. This proud sensation is perfect for the location in a place of celebrating God.

The Fresco scene I chose to focus on is the one that might well
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