The Sitcom, Everybody Loves Raymond

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In the sitcom, Everybody Loves Raymond, airing on CBS in the late 90’s and early 2000’s we see an nuclear white family with two parents, two kids, grandparents, and a set of other relatives. The target audience appears to be within the age of 18-35 for this time period in comparison to other shows such as Frazier or Will and Grace. The family is very middle class oriented as far as the home, clothing, and jobs of the characters go. They live in the suburbs and are never too hurt for money. Playing into this story also comes the subtle humor and remarks at sexual acts that happen very often throughout each scene. However, you never actually see these sexual acts take place and there is no point of uncomfortable actions throughout this…show more content…
The resolution comes when the drama is settled and all family members are satisfied with the solution. In direct correlation with the text that states, the action is set in motion when minor conflict situations flare up and heightened verbally through deceit or insults, Everybody Loves Raymond is a prime example of a comedy formula (Potter, 205).

The patterns of Everybody Loves Raymond are ultimately formulaic for the 90 's. Families are nucleic and typical of the 90 's middle class working white population. There is a mom who stays at home and does all of the house work and takes care of the kids, while the father is aloof of all of the housework and children but works most of the day and is the sole source of income. Both parents are alive and a constant source of conflict as they (especially the grandmother and mother, as women are often portrayed as catty) are present and cause embarrassment. The children are hardly the center of attention at all plot wise. Most plots are surrounding the conflict between family members, especially disagreements between the husband and wife and between the mother-in-law and the wife. There are rarely any African Americans, even though the show takes place in Long Island, which has a high African American population, even back when the show was being made. Other ethnicity are hardly ever
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