The Situation Of English Education

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Introduction This paper will explore English education in Japan. Firstly, I will examine the situation of English education. After that, I will talk about several theories of language acquisition. Finally, I will suggest how English education in Japan should be performed to effectively develop English communication skills in school. The situation and issues of English education in Japan From early on, the Japanese people had little contact with other countries and few opportunities to communicate with them directly. For Japanese, documents in a written form were a primary source to understand foreign situations and cultures. In order to convey the information about advanced foreign countries to the people in Japan, the government…show more content…
Japan is isolated from its neighboring countries by being surrounded by sea. On the other hand, many European countries share borders with other European countries and it is easy for them to access to other cultures. Because of this isolation, acquiring other foreign languages is not necessary for many Japanese except for only a limited number of Japanese who need to translate the documents from English into Japanese in order to contact with foreigners. The lack of necessity leads to little or no incentive for many Japanese to study foreign languages. (222) Maruyama also points out that linguistic factor makes learning English difficult. The huge grammatical and phonetic gap between English and Japanese language is one of the reasons. It’s difficult for Japanese people to learn English because English structure and Japanese structure are totally different. The language distance between its native language and foreign languages is said to be the major factors in determining the level of difficulty. The closer our learning language is to our own, the easier it is. Thus, Japanese learners of language or Korean learners of Japanese language are the most successful in learning each other’s language. (“It 's Easier to Learn Languages Similar to Your Own”) In the same way, the similarity of languages within the European countries and English explains why it is relatively easier for European people to learn English than many of Asian
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