The Situation Of Ukraine As A Crisis

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In 2014 the situation in Ukraine truly became a crisis. Then president, Viktor Yanukovych’s pro-Russian stance made his leave of office in March 2014 quite the event. Russian troops immediately began to mass near the Ukrainian border and set up camp at key points around the Crimean peninsula. The Crimean Peninsula is a region in southern Ukraine that contains a significantly large number of ethnic Russians. On March 16, a referendum to separate Crimea from Ukraine and join Russia was voted on in Crimea under the close watch of pro-Russian troops. Within days Russia annexed the peninsula causing uproar in the rest of Ukraine and the world. Ukraine soon responded with military action against pro-Russian rebels in the east where Crimea is…show more content…
This independence was officially ended in 1922 when the Soviet Union incorporated Ukraine. Under the control of the Soviets Ukraine was the site of several mass executions and famine’s ordered and/or caused by Stalin which killed around ten million people. This led to one of the primary reasons for the conflict happening in the eastern part of the country today. Stalin sent millions of Russians to the resource abundant east Ukraine. Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Steven Pifer said that this cultural divide between the two parts of the country explains why “the sense of Ukrainian nationalism is not as deep in the east as it is in the west," (Bates). Even when the Nazis invaded the country many citizens were happy to be liberated from the Soviets. Unfortunately the country became one of the bloodiest countries of the war having one-sixth (5.3 million people) of its entire population killed. After the war Stalin once again executed more Ukrainians on the grounds that they cooperated with the Nazis. Ukraine finally became fully independent in 1991 when over 90% of Ukrainians opted to declare independence from the collapsing Soviet Union. Despite the country’s formal independence the new Russian state continued to involve itself with Ukraine. Ukraine’s 2004 presidential election was fraught with fraud as the Kremlin supported Viktor Yanukovych who was pro-Russian. This fraud led to what was known as the Orange Revolution which kept power away from Yanukovych until 2010 when
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