The Situational Approach And Contingency Theories Of Leadership

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Introduction In this assignment, I have decided to describe and analyze the situational approach and contingency theories of leadership. As looked through various theories, I found the situational approach theory and the contingency theory to be particularly interesting. As the eldest sibling, I have always thought of myself as some type of “leader”, often making decisions and taking the initiative. As I grew older, I realized that there were situations where there were people better prepared for various challenges. Consequently, I found myself in leadership positions at different locations that ranged from church to a job held. As an example, I led a team of workers during a summer job at Walmart. Though I was not the appointed team leader, other co-workers sought for my advice and help with various tasks. Additionally, I have recently become the praise team leader at my church although the official title is held by someone else. On the other hand, I have held several positons (including my current teaching position) where I have found others to be much better prepared (physically and mentally) and in turn, I have sought for their leadership. Consequently, as I have matured, I have come to believe that leaders can arise from different backgrounds, experiences, settings, and beliefs and that a leader in one setting may not be able to lead in another. Rationale In the non-educational world, one can find several examples of leaders that have been successful in achieving their
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