The Sitz Im Leben As One 's Setting

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. The Sitz im Leben being one’s setting in life is viewed upon in the book of Numbers. The Sitz im Leben in Numbers takes place in the wilderness; a desert like habitation. In the wilderness is where we see God’s chosen ones the Israelites stranded in the wilderness for forty years after being freed from slavery in Egypt. Some major themes in the book of Numbers are the Guidance into Egypt, the Guidance into the Arable Land, the Promise to the Patriarchs, the Guidance in the Wilderness, and the Revelation at Sinai. When looking at the wilderness tradition through the lens of a historical and sociological perspective the wilderness tradition is then relatable to one’s self. Therefore, looking at the wilderness tradition from a sociological and historical perspective allows for one to open up their eyes and mind to explore and understand the depth of how and why the Israelites behaved and lived within their wilderness experience. We must recognize that the Israelites had to make adjustments into the way they lived, and behaved. The wilderness in fact was something new to them. In their opinion they were better off in Egypt where in fact they cried out to Moses and Aaron in Exodus 16:2-3, that the LORD should have killed them in Egypt because it was there they had plenty to eat, but Moses and Aaron had brought them into the wilderness to starve to death. From a historical and sociological perspective one may say that it was good for the Israelites to be in the wilderness

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