The Six Core Elements Of Compassionate Care

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The face of care giving and support is changing and this change enhances the way care is provided whilst maintaining dignity, giving respects and compassion to people (NHS, 2012, Ford, 2017). According to NHS (2012), due to progressive medical attention, people are now living longer increasing the influx of older people with multiple complex needs. This then means “there is a higher expectation of health care delivery and support”. “Care, compassion and effective communication are essential elements of nursing, which must be demonstrated by all nurses, nursing students” and health care assistants (HCA’s) in their role as care givers (Bloomfield. Pegram, 2015) Compassionate care essentially forms the base in skills that are needed to demonstrate while giving care and offers the most needed context from all the six core elements of delivering care and nursing…show more content…
As nurses and health care assistants, care is the core of our business and it defines who we are and what we stand for in our organisations. Care or help in care is when people are committed to give it with compassion, competence, while using communication as the means towards improving the health of communities and the people around us (NHS, 2012). There is a need for anybody who works within the health sector in care giving to realize that the people, who receive care, expect it to be right for them. Care should be given consistently, throughout every stage of their life whilst being involved in the execution of care (Middleton, 2017).As carers we need courage to do the right thing and be able to speak up when we have concerns for the people under our care. Courage is the ability to have and exert personal strength and vision to innovate and embrace new ways of working whilst meeting and supporting the challenges that are part and parcel of giving care (Ford, 2017, Forest,
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