The Six Day War And Its Impact On Arab Nations

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The six-day war can go down in history as one of the worst wars between Israel and one or more Arab countries. The six-day war heavily impacted Israel and the participating Arab countries in many ways. Israeli and Arab relations have never been good, even before Israel was declared an independent state in 1948. The six-day war should not be considered a new war based on its impact, rather it should be considered as a continuation of a constant war between Israel and its surrounding Arab neighbors. A factor that has always played a major part in instigating a conflict between Israel and its Arab neighbors is the refusal and rejection of the Arab leadership to indentify Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people. The war began with all surrounding Arab countries lining up along each border ready to try and wipe Israel out using air attacks, as well as ground attacks. The Six Day War concluded with an evident victory in favor of the Israelis, which to some is surprising due to the overwhelming force of the three militaries, which were ganging up on one small country. The casualty numbers ended up in favor of the Israeli’s who only lost somewhere near 700 people with 2,500 injured, while, Egypt lost 15,000 people and had 5,600 taken as prisoners, Jordan lost close to 6,000 people and Syria suffered somewhere close to 1,000 casualties (Knesset). The Arab attackers lost close to 1 billion dollars worth of aircrafts, tanks and heavy machinery in total between all three countries…

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