The Six Day War : Causes And Effects

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The Six Day war was a decisive battle along religious, economic, and social lines. This conflict between Israel and the Arab world is not just one of long standing hate, it spans economic and nationalistic ideals. The Six day war itself was merely a consequence of the preconditions already laid in place. This paper will explore the Six Day War as well as its causes and effects. It is not entirely feasible to discuss every single precondition that leads to the war as that would require exploring the entire span of Middle Eastern history. The entire span of Middle Eastern history is a story of the breakdown of social capital between the various ethnic and religious population and wider world they interacted with. Social capital is…show more content…
However, international pressure from the Soviets and Americans alike forced the Israeli-European coalition to withdraw. President Nasser became an Arab nationalist hero overnight and the Soviet Union had one foot firmly placed within the Middle East. The Suez Canal Crisis was just an indicator of the breakdown of social capital that would eventually plague the relationship between Judaism and Islam. The “norms of reciprocity” became conflict and thus conflict is what was used to solve not only religious disputes but economic and territorial as well. It is crucial to note that the two religions are not sworn enemies on religious grounds, rather they are enemies based on territorial claims. It does not say in the Quran that all Jews must be eliminated from the world. Likewise, it does not claim in the Torah that all Muslims must be eradicated for some higher purpose. Instead as the conflicts throughout the ages shows the conflicts are rather based on competing claims of the same territory and resources. In the Suez Canal crisis it was about the canal itself with international powers such as France and Great Britain using the mistrust between the Egyptians and Israelis to their advantage. One could even argue that the Six Day war could be considered more than just a regional war, it could very well be considered part of the Cold War. In the early 1960’s the United States began selling weapon shipments of tanks, aircraft, and small arms to
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