Essay on The Six Day War

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A. Jan-March 1967: 270 border incidents
B. May 13 1967: Sadat arrives from Moscow with misinformation about impending Israeli attack.
C. May 14, 1967: Israel learns that Egypt is reinforcing troops and are on alert and reinforcing on Sinai Peninsula.
D. May 16: Egypt Evicts UN Forces
E. May 22, 1967: Egypt closes the Straits of Tiran to Israel, cutting off their supply route to Asia and supply of oil. By international law this is an act of war.
F. May 30, 1967: Jordan signs defense treaty with Egypt after Israel had repeatedly asked they remain neutral
G. June 3, 1967: Military Buildup
H. June 5, 1967 : Six Day War Begins

The Six Day War as it became known was the third conflict between Israel and Arab nations. It was
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On May 15, Anwar Sadat, the Speaker of the National Assembly would visit Moscow, where he would be told by the Soviets that Israel had planned to invade Syria during the May 16 through May 22 time frame, all of this would prove to be false. Soviet intelligence cited the fact that Israeli troops parading in western Jerusalem, for Israel’s Independence Day, were doing so without heavy weapons, which they said were being amassed along the northern border with Syria. The reason as it turns out they were devoid of weaponry during their parades is to ease Arab tensions in the area. Sadat would pass this information along to Egypt and President Nasser, who would then parade Egypt’s forces through Cairo along its way to the Sinai Peninsula (Cleveland, 2009). On May 14, evidence that disputed Soviet information of an Israeli troop buildup along its Northern border with Syria would be ignored. Gen. Muhammed Fawzi, would tour the area reportedly rife with Israeli troops, only to find none, These findings would be confirmed by the head of Egyptian intelligence, the CIA and U.S. embassy in Cairo, but would be ignored by Nasser and his buildup of troops would continue (,2010). Israel would put its troops on alert, but sent its diplomats in to service, trying to avert war, or at least showing that they were not interested in a war. But to no avail as Egyptian and Palestinian forces would triple
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