The Six Hour D

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Six Hour D Assignment Having no background on what the article “The Six Hour D… and How to Avoid It” by Professor Dewey is about leaves your mind guessing until you get around to reading it. This article is about study habits amongst college students. It discusses how many students claim to have spent a substantial amount of time studying but still receive a low grade; such as a D or F. Hence, “the six hour D” title. Professor Dewey shows ways in which students fall into “the six hour D” category and gives tips on how it can be easily avoided. Getting a “six hour D” in college courses is common. This is normally due to poor study habits. Most students don’t know how to go about studying for a test. They just believe if they read the…show more content…
This relates to how Professor Dewey says it is easy to feel like you are understanding with your study resources close to you. Flashcards are fairly effective for me. The repetition makes ideas stick. I usually color code them to so I have something tangible to associate with them as well. My study habits are not absolutely terrible but they could definitely use some work. After reading the article I want to change my study habits some. My goal is to implement the strategy previously mentioned. I think self-testing myself as I read will allow for much more long term absorption of material. In addition, to increasing the skills in how I read I want to learn to create study questions for myself. When study guides are not provided it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the idea of exams. However, we can train ourselves to recognize important information and create our own study questions to be able to answer before exam day. Self-testing and self-created study questions are going to my new approach at studying. The article “The Six Hour D…and How to Avoid It” by Professor Dewey was helpful. As a college student I found the tips useful. Dewey gave me ideas on how to increase my likelihood for success. The article also made me realize that the way I am and have been studying is not the most beneficial time wise or information wise. I plan to take my newly gained knowledge to benefit my future academic
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